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Proceeded with painting

WorkPosted by xilsoe Tue, January 08, 2008 20:08:48
So this is the first post in this blog. So I better tell a little about what I am doing with my art. I am attending an art class once a week to learn to paint. I also use this as a way to keep progressing. I started taking art classes in the autumn of 2004 and have participated in one each year.
I do not produce a lot of art at this time. I expect to produce one painting in this years class. The subject is the same landscape I spent most of last years classes painting. Last year I produced 3 versions of that landscape in size 30x40cm. Now I have decided to make a large version in size 60x80.
I am learning how to use oil paint. This is because I like the finish quality of oil paint much better than acrylic paint. It also seems that there is just more that can be done with oil color.
I have also done some pencil drawings and some water color and actually I like the water color a lot.
I will present my work as I progress and complete pieces.

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