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Xtreme motors

E-sky Lama V3Posted by xilsoe Jul 12, 2007 22:16:33
The Xtreme motors arrived today and quickly replaced the original motors. I like the new motors so much. They definitely give more power and for this reason increase the flight time smiley So I would say this is an upgrade worth making. As an extra bonus they are more silent.

Unfortunately the new motors didn't remove the strange flight problem. The heli seems to become unstable when flying. I did however discover that the lower central holder had moved upwards making the swashplate very unlevel and causing strange flight.
Now I have made a mark on the outer shaft showing where the holder should be placed so I can see if it has moved.

This was corrected and a new central holder was ordered. I hope it will arrive tommorow.

On the last flight today I broke another wing smiley
I flew 5 batteries today.

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