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New propeller mounted :)

Robbe Sea Wolf V2Posted by xilsoe Nov 30, 2008 15:17:08
After a long wait my parts for the Vosper finally arrived yesterday. As an extra I had also ordered a 6 bladed scimitar propeller for my Sea Wolf. To make sure there was room I had decided to stick with 50mm as is the original. What is different is that the new propeller is left turned where the original is right turned. I did this on purpose as I have heard that the motor is more efficient turning that direction. It is also possible to hear that the motor do more RPMs turning that direction. So that is probably OK. The only concern is that the propeller might easier come off when rotating in that direction.

One concern I have is that the propeller isn't running true. It probably doesn't cause any problems, but I was expecting it would as it was an expensive part.

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