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New propeller and rudder

Tamiya VOSPER MTBPosted by xilsoe Jan 06, 2009 18:23:25
Today two new propellers and new rudders arrived. It is a right turned 3 bladed 20 mm 2M and a right turned 25 mm 2M 3 bladed propeller. Both from Graupner.

Then I got two rudders. They are identical because I was thinking of putting two rudders on the boat. They are about the same size as the one I already have. The new ones does however look much better than the one I already had smiley

Right now I am thinking I should start out by mounting the rudder. I think one rudder in the middle will be the best. Then everything else needs to be placed according to the rudder.

Besides that I got two new propeller shafts in different lengths.

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