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Sea trials in a pool

Tamiya VOSPER MTBPosted by xilsoe Apr 05, 2009 09:16:00
Yesterday I brought the VOSPER to a pool that is used by my RC boat club to try it out and show it off. It seem that it is indeed very fast. I believe no one there could keep up with my boat at max speed. At the same time the boat is very manoeuvrable. All in all I am very satisfied with this boat smiley I think it is a little low in the water so I may try and run it with only one battery.

I also learned that the spoiler on the back could be pointed a little downwards. That should stop the nose from going up and the tail from going down when going fast. If and when I build another one, I will make that adjustable.

I also realized that my boat may be a little small for waves, so I think I need a larger boat. I already aquired a new boat for building: A Billing Boats: Phantom, kit no 710. I believe I already have all the radio equipment and most other stuff I need for making that kit. The most exciting part for me will be to build a boat hull out of wood.

I do however need to make a box for transportation of the VOSPER and some stuff in my apartment before I start that kit.

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