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Sailing with one battery

Tamiya VOSPER MTBPosted by xilsoe Apr 13, 2009 17:03:16
Today I took the VOSPER to a pond I used earlier for testing. I wanted to show it off to Maja. I decided to try it with only one battery inserted. It definitely floats better on the water when using only one battery and it seems just as fast. I didn't see any problems with stability though the boat was lighter.

I also wanted to know whether the motor would get hot. So after sailing for some time I brought it in and felt the motor. It didn't feel hot at all, so I don't think I will have heat problems in this boat. I might if I decide to use a larger propeller. I have only used the 20mm propeller until now.

I am building a transport box for the VOSPER and it is almost done. Not a fancy thing, but the box should make it easier to transport this boat

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