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I got a battleship :)

Tamiya BB 62 New JerseyPosted by xilsoe Jun 13, 2009 16:45:28
This week I received a delayed birthday present: The Tamiya 1/350 BB 62 New Jersey. My intention is to convert it to an RC model. As I am currently building the Billing Boats Phantom it will be a while, before I really start building this model.

I have done a little investigation though so I can start gathering parts for the RC conversion. Here are the details I have come up with so far: The propellers are about 16mm Ø. The propeller shafts are 1,75mm Ø. I'll probably go to 2mm. The boat displaces about 1,2kg. That should make it OK for RC conversion. I want to make all four propellers operate. It might be overkill, but I believe it will work better when I also use the inner propellers as these are placed right in front of the rudders.
Currently I am considering whether to use 4 motors or 2 motors and then attempt making a gear box.

I will also need a new radio set for this model as I have used the four models on my current transmitter. I'll probably go for a 2,4GHz set.

There also seems to be some photo etched sets available for this model. I will probably also get such a set. It seems to make the model look much better.

That's it for now. Don't expect a lot of news regrding this model for some time.


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