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Water guard installed

Tamiya VOSPER MTBPosted by xilsoe Jul 15, 2009 19:31:58
I had some problems with water coming into my VOSPER so I installed a water guard. See the pictures below. This improves much on the problem. I am going to paint it but thought it would be more obvious if I took the photos while unpainted.

I am also making progress on the Phantom. The sides are coming along fine and it seems to be easier than building the bottom. I also received a new shaft, some new propellers and other parts for this boat yesterday.

Today I also got the first motor for the USS New Jersey. A 10g brushless outrunner motor. I am going to use 4 motors of these the New Jersey. I am intending to remove the shaft from the motors and mount the propeller shaft directly in the motor so I won't need a coupling.

I hope the pictures were useful.

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