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Truggy fixed using LRP spares :)

Anderson 1/18 TruggyPosted by xilsoe Jul 30, 2009 17:57:09
As stated earlier I had worn down the pinion and spur gear in my truggy. My usual dealer was out of range and closed for summer vacation. Then I visited a local hobby shop and found some 1/18 LRP spares that are shared with Anderson.

I was lucky that he had the needed parts and now I have fixed the Truggy smiley
This time I have put some boat stern tube grease on the gears. Hopefully that will work well. If and when these gears wear out I might try the Atomic gears to see if they are any better.

I also went to another hobby shop today. Here I found a pile of small pieces that might come in useful at some point. So lots of small parts for me today smiley

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