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Motor mount and more paint

Billing Boats PhantomPosted by xilsoe Nov 08, 2009 14:02:50
I have been making some progress on the Phantom. I have made a motor mount and installed it. I also did some more painting of the hull. The bottom is now white as can be seen in the pictures below.

The motor mount is made in aluminium that has been painted black for better cooling. The aluminium has been mounted in rubber servo mounts to dampen vibrations transferred to the hull. I tried out the radio gear. It seems that some vibrations are transferred to the hull anyway. I am wondering whether I should have mounted the motor differently? Next time I mount a motor in a similar ship it will be done in the different way so it will be mounted at the front and not at the back. Another thing I may do is to balance the motor bell. That might also reduce vibrations.

Today I am painting the green water line, looking into mounting the battery and the rudder servo.

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