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First water test of the Phantom

Billing Boats PhantomPosted by xilsoe Nov 18, 2009 17:02:17
A lot of things have happened since my last post. All the RC gear has been installed and I installed a battery tray. Last night I completed the rudder servo mount so today the boat was ready for it's first sea trial. So I brought the boat along to work, where we have an indoor pool.

When I put the boat into the water it floated nicely and when I tried it out it performed really well smiley The motor seems to have plenty of power so I couldn't try the top speed of the boat because the pool is quite small. I'll need to try that out somewhere else and preferably when the weather is a lot nicer than the storm and rain today.
I would like to try it out at high speed before I mount the deck. This is to know whether trim flaps are needed as I would like to mount trim flaps before mounting the deck.
Another option would be to just mount trim flaps so they are there if I need them smiley

A college shot the pictures below when I launched the boat. I am the one with the very short hair smiley I promise to shoot and post some pictures of the RC installation, before I mount the deck

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