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Pictures of the RC installation

Billing Boats PhantomPosted by xilsoe Nov 21, 2009 13:53:07
As I promised I took a few shots of the phantom to show the RC installation, before I mount the deck. Today the weather was nice so I brought the Phantom to the club pond for a test to see how it behaves. I am really happy about the result. It was as fast as I could want (At least for now) and it wasn't tilting too much or putting the nose too high in the sky. This was with a 32,5mm Graupner 2 bladed high RPM submerged propeller.
In this test I had mounted the battery in the most forward position.

So currently I don't think I need trim flaps (Though I already ordered them).

My concern is how much battery this boat needs? At high speed the 1700mAh battery doesn't seem to last long so it will probably be nice to have some more battery capacity.

Here are the pictures of the RC installation:

Thanks for looking smiley

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