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Battery and LiPo saver

Billing Boats PhantomPosted by xilsoe Dec 13, 2009 13:14:21
To make some more room for the battery I cut off 6mm from the top of the cockpit box so the floor will be placed higher. This is needed as I have chosen to place the battery below the cockpit. This is for easy access to the battery and to put some serious weight in the front. This is because otherwise I am expecting this boat will put the nose in the sky. This is shown in some of the pictures below.

As I am using LiPo batteries I have chosen to acquire a LiPo alarm so I get alerted before power runs low. To get a useful solution I have chosen that the alarm should be in the cockpit. Otherwise it is hard to see the LEDs smiley To make an elegant solution I decided to place some of the LEDs in the control board. Some of the scopes in the board were exactly 3mm, so I drilled through and placed LEDs there. This is shown in the pictures below. To do this I also had to modify the LiPo alarm by un-soldering some of the LEDs and put some extension cords on so I could place the LEDs in the control board. Perhaps I am not that good at un-soldering, but none of the un-soldered LEDs worked after un-soldering, so I had to replace them.

One thing I haven't solved yet is how to connect the alarm to the battery. I have ordered a 4 pole JST-XH extension cable to make this connection. I expect it to arrive soon

The LiPo alarm solution can be see in the pictures below.

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