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Got the fitting set for the PT-15

Robbe PT-15 Motor Torpedo BoatPosted by xilsoe Jan 21, 2010 18:16:07
Yesterday I got the fitting set for my Robbe PT-15 MTB : 1-1098. I decided to buy it now as I was worried it would go out of production and become hard to get. Perhaps I was expecting too much from this set, but I was somewhat disappointed when I inspected the set. The flags looks good seen from one side. From the other side they look bad. Then there are some lights included. There is however no description of which voltage they should be supplied with.
The remaining fittings look OK, but there is fewer of them than I expected.

Anyway it will be some time before I get to this kit so it feels good that I have this fitting set as it definitely will make this boat look better.

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