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Spring has come - Truggy active again :)

Anderson 1/18 TruggyPosted by xilsoe Mar 27, 2010 13:35:02
Yesterday I brought the 1/18 truggy to work for the first time this year to race with one of my co-workers Thomas, who had also brought his truggy smiley

So we went outside and raced. For the first time ever I believe, both cars were operational after racing smiley, though we had a few crashes. Thomas had gotten a smaller pinion gear. This meant that his motor didn't overheat and he could run for some time.

After racing I discovered that my steering servo had come loose. It is only fixed with double sided tape, so no bad damage and I expect to fix it today.

One more thing: I bought a set of road tires for the truggy. Naturally gold coloured. It seems that was money well spent.

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