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Struck by disaster :(

Billing Boats PhantomPosted by xilsoe May 02, 2010 14:52:49
Today I went sailing with my phantom in the club.

I was naturally very exited to get it running so I had the boat in the water almost immediately. It operated quite well for a short while. Then there was some interference and I lost control smiley

Shortly after the boat came to shore and stopped, so I could retrieve it. When I inspected boat I found that both the rudder and the propeller was missing. smiley

I was prepared that the propeller might come off, but I wasn't expecting the same thing to happen to the rudder smiley

Luckily I found both the propeller and the rudder in the water quite near the shore so I could retrieve that as well. The only thing I lost was the lock nut.

Now I am soldering the rudder on and securing the propeller with lock-tite.

Otherwise I have been making progress on the Phantom. I think I will only apply one or two layers of lacquer on the sides and I consider the deck done.

I got the Tamiya polishing compound earlier this week. That really made the Phantom shine smiley

Besides that I am getting a 2.4 GHz system now! Radio interference and fast boats is a really bad combo!

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