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Lights on sub - first step

Robbe Sea Wolf V2Posted by xilsoe May 15, 2010 15:18:52
After all the parts has finally arrived I found a little time to start the project. I had already installed the Turnigy RC switch and now I installed one LED on the stern as the first part of the project. The stern is a little easier as it doesn't come apart, when I take the sub apart so I don't need any connectors. I did install one though so I am ready to put lights on the bow.

I am taking the power from the receiver and I am using a channel on the receiver to control the lights. This meant that I could use modified Y split signal cable to control the switch and to supply power for the LEDs.

The installation allows me to control the lights on the sub from the receiver, so I can turn the light ON and OFF. As a side effect the switch has a fail safe mode that will alternate, when there is no signal. This means that I see the lights flashing when the sub isn't receiving any signal. A nice feature for a submarine.

Here are some pictures:

I hope you enjoyed smiley

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