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Sea Wolf still overheating :(

Robbe Sea Wolf V2Posted by xilsoe Feb 06, 2011 16:21:15
Yesterday I brought the Sea Wolf to the swimming lanes again to enjoy and to try out if the motor would still overheat. Well, it does smiley I would say.

So now I have decided to make water cooling in the sub. Graupner makes a water cooling heat sink for size 600 motors that seems suitable. I also had a look at a Robbe water cooling heat sink, but I find that an odd design smiley

I have ordered the Graupner heat sink. When it arrives I'll need to make some holes in the WTC and put some brass tubes through and then make an inlet somewhere at the bottom of the sub to make the water circulate. I don't know whether I should also make a special effort on the outlet to try dragging the water out to improve circulation? That can be added later if needed. I promise to post some pictures of the installation when I make it.

Further I completed rudder installation on New Jersey. I was intending to try it out last Friday, but then I fell ill smiley Still working on recovery and hope to try out the New Jersey running gear in the coming week.

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