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Balancing New Jersey

Tamiya BB 62 New JerseyPosted by xilsoe Mar 15, 2011 17:02:59
Last Sunday I brought the hull for New Jersey along to a boat fair in Bella Centeret. This was because my RC boat club has a stand there and I am exhibiting the Phantom, the Slo-mo-shun IV and the Sea-wolf. At the boat fair there is a big pool for the club and for some fishers to do demonstrations.

It was this pool that had my interest, as I have been looking for a good place to balance New Jersey. I am sorry, I currently don't have any pictures. I have found that I needed to add about 40g to the nose, besides that 45g piece of lead I already added. To get the balancing right I had drawn the waterline with a marker so I could see the waterline at a distance.

I do know that the weight distribution may change when the superstructure is added. Hopefully some adjustments to the battery position will fix that.

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