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Slo-mo motor fried :(

Billing Boats - Slo-mo-shun IVPosted by xilsoe May 01, 2011 14:02:55
Today I brought New Jersey, Phantom and Slo-mo to the boat club for the first time this year. New Jersey mostly to show off. I got some nice comments on it. I didn't go sailing with it though I believe it could have been done. Instead I went with the Slo-mo and the Phantom.

I started out with the Slo-mo to try out the new ESC. That seems to do fine smiley The water cooling seems to work on the ESC. For this reason I sailed on as I believed everything was fine. It was fine for some time, then it suddenly stopped and I didn't understand why. Luckily someone pushed it ashore so I could get it back, without getting wet.

I couldn't do much more about the Slo-mo at the pond so I decided to look at it at home and decided to start sailing the Phantom. That one worked fine. All in all the Phantom is a very nice boat, not causing any trouble.

When I got home I took the Slo-mo apart to find out what is wrong. It has a strange smell now smiley First I took out the ESC. That looked nice. It hadn't felt warm at the pond. Then I decided to take out the motor. To do that I would need to turn the propeller to release the coupling. That was when I noticed that the propeller couldn't be turned. This was because the motor couldn't be turned smiley To it seems that for some reason the motor has gotten stuck. I haven't taken it apart so I don't know what is wrong with the motor but it has probably overheated.

So to get it running again I will need to install a new motor. Fortunately I have bought another one I already intend to use in the Slo-mo. Now I just hope I didn't fry the ESC as well smiley

Before I install the new motor there are a few modifications I would like to do to the motor so it will probably be some time before the Slo-mo is running again. Furthermore I believe I should do something to watercool the motor to reduce the risk for this happening again.

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