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Slo-mo motor installation part 4

Billing Boats - Slo-mo-shun IVPosted by xilsoe Aug 07, 2011 15:57:59
Yesterday I set up the water cooling in the Slo-mo and installed the motor in order to try it out today and prepared in general. The batteries were charged and everything was ready for today.

This morning I took it to the pond to try it out. Unfortunately it was raining when I arrived, so we spent some time waiting for the weather to clear up. Then the time had come to try out the Slo-mo. Today I didn't put the hatch cover on, but taped it up instead. This was to make sure no water was coming in from the top hatch so I could be sure there wasn't a leak elsewhere. The result was that I didn't get one drop of water inside.

Otherwise the boat behaved very nicely. It was quite powerful and I had put the telemetry set on. I could see that the water cooling was effective. I could actually see the motor temperature drop when running and then go up when stopped. All in all I am happy with the performance of the boat now smiley

I did however end the day with an accident smiley I don't know what happened but I believe I lost focus and the Slo-mo ended up on land. No bad damage. The worst thing is a lost turn fin. The lost turn fin isn't too bad as I was considering doing some modifications to it anyway.

I took some pictures during motor installation and of the lost turn fin. Here they are:


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