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Slo-mo-shun IV Centre of gravity

Billing Boats - Slo-mo-shun IVPosted by xilsoe Oct 11, 2011 21:04:19
I have been studying why my Slo-mo-shun IV is putting the nose in the sky? One ting I have been studying in particular is the centre of gravity. From various sources on the web I have learned that the centre of gravity should be at the rear edge of the sponsons or further ahead.

For this reason I am figuring out how to move the centre of gravity further ahead. So far I have been working on the "superstructure" if one can talk about such a thing. So far I have removed the seat, which I find way too heavy. Then I removed the figure. All together more than 100g. The seat and figure will of course need some substitution.

After that I removed some material from under engine hood. I found out that a solid balsa block was placed under he hood so I cut some of the balsa out to make the boat lighter and give more room.

Besides that I am making a floor in the cockpit that sits very high and will be waterproof. That will give me more room for moving the components around and should reduce the amount of water coming in.

Then I have been studying propellers. It seems there exists propellers that will lift the transom. That could be one way to go. Furthermore I have been studying my cavitation problem. Here it seems that I will need a larger prop or more pitch on the propeller. Or perhaps both smiley

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