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New prop for Slo-mo-shun IV

Billing Boats - Slo-mo-shun IVPosted by xilsoe Oct 29, 2011 14:38:16
Yesterday and today some new parts for my Slo-mo-shun IV arrived. Among those is a new propeller. It is a 35mm pitch 1,4 brass propeller. And as always these things need sharpening, balancing and polishing. The prop has a 4mm bore and needs a drive dog. This means that I will be looking for some way to mount the prop. Perhaps a spare shaft is the easiest way ahead?

The prop wasn't hard to balance so I like it so far. Performance wise I'll wait until May when the outdoor model boat season starts.

Some pictures:
I also received a new figure that I'll intend to use as driver. It's a 1/12 scale racing pilot by the Williams brothers. It is shown in the pictures above. That was the best thing I could find after Bernhard made me aware of how wrong the current driver was looking.

Besides that I received some hardware I intend to use for mounting rudder servo in the new place I have decided for.

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