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Improving the Sea wolf propeller

Robbe Sea Wolf V2Posted by xilsoe Nov 30, 2011 18:49:04
For some time I have been concerned with motor temperature in my Robbe Sea wolf. I find that the heat sink helps out, but the motor is still quite warm after usage.

For this reason I decided to try improving the propeller. I noticed that the leading edge of the blades is quite wide and blond, so I decided that the first treatment would be to sharpen the leading edge. For this I am using a set of needle files.

Here are some pictures of the prop before and in the process:

I probably didn't know what I was in for when I started. So far I have spent about one hour on each blade, totalling about 6 hourssmiley

The trailing edge could also be sharpened. As far as I understand that is recommended for submerged drive propellers. That will be another time.

To complete the prop improvement I'll need to balance the prop and complete the job by polishing the blades. Hopefully I have done the most work by now. The prop needs to be ready for Saturday, when I am taking the Sea wolf to the swimming lanes.

I'll post an update on the completion and on performance.


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