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A bad day for PT-15

Tamiya PT-15 Japan MTBPosted by xilsoe May 30, 2013 20:17:32
Last Sunday I brought the hull of PT-15 to the model boat pond. I had updated the software in the Arduino to try to find out why this boat would stop from time to time. Before running I had put some plastic film on to prevent water ingress.

Everything went fine for some time. I had some stops that I was looking forward to get home and analyse. Then all of a sudden the PT-15 stopped and I had to get a push from another boat to get it back to shore. Then I learnt that there had been some water ingress anyway.

In the process of getting the boat in, I lost the board on the transom. I guess I'll make a new one from scratch.

When I got home I dried it with some paper towel and put the boat in the furnace room until next day to let the boat dry out completely.

When I connected everything all was fine. The only problem I have is that I am not able to communicate with the Arduino. This means that I can't get the data I collected and I can't re-program the Arduino. As I would like to update the software, I will probably have to replace the Arduino.

Before I update the Arduino I might do some further testing to see if I can improve the receiver antenna positions in the boat to reduce or eliminate what I believe is signal loss.

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