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Leopard camera mount II

Leopard 2A5 DK 1/16 tankPosted by xilsoe Aug 01, 2013 21:01:04
Last week I got my Mobius action camera and so far I like it quite much. To try it out I recorded two videos. One in HD 1080p at 30fps and the other in HD 720p 60fps. The view field becomes smaller at 720p, so the camera should have been aimed a bit higher when I recorded the 720p video.

The 1080p video at youtube:

For comparison the 720p video at youtube. I believe youtube reduce it to 30fps:
In order to make the camera ball-head mount more easily adjustable, I removed the handle from the set screw. Then I can put a hex key in the hole in the set screw. The result is that I can adjust the ball-head mount when it is mounted on the tank.

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