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Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOGPosted by xilsoe Jun 01, 2014 14:17:04
Some time during winter I came to think that I need a crawler. After not so much investigation I decided to get a TAMIYA CR-01 UNIMOG. UNIMOGs were used in the Danish army so I decided to paint mine as a Danish army UNIMOG.

I haven't applied much upgrades yet and I don't think I will. One upgrade I want to have though is the reinforced shaft with the differentials locked as the shafts included in the kit bind when they are locked.

One mod I have done is to add lights. I didn't want to use the TAMIYA light controllers so I made my own lights. There is not so much to it: 2 red and 2 white LEDs and 3 120 ohm resistors for 6V. The red LEDs go in series with one resistor. The white LEDs are in parallel and each LED have a resistor. The 6V comes off the BEC in the ESC. Then I added in a remote controlled switch so I can switch the lights on and off from the transmitter.

Then I am adding small details as I find and get them and painting over shiny parts. So far I have added license plates and reflexes.

Here are some pictures:

Thanks for looking smiley

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