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Some mods on the UNIMOG

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOGPosted by xilsoe Jun 28, 2014 16:39:43
Yesterday I completed putting cover on the trunk. I know it is not perfectly as the Danish army, but it is more like the Danish army than it was before. The cover frame is made from wood and 3mm brass rod that has been painted. The camo net was one I had bought with the intension to use for my Leopard tank, but hadn't done so yet. So it was kind of laying around.

Furthermore I got a set of barrel springs for the CR-01. I have painted them green and decided to put the soft springs at the rear and the medium springs at the front. That is not too different from the standard set-up with medium at rear and hard at front.

Then I got the weight marker on the hood in place. It is made from a sheet of yellow vinyl cut to shape and then a pre cut black vinyl 7 digit on top. Furthermore I have been painting some of the shiny parts so they don't stand out so much. After all this is a military vehicle.

The next thing might be to put some matt finish on the body so it won't be so shiny. Then there is also the wheels that I would like to do something about.


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