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Four wheel steering on the UNIMOG

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOGPosted by xilsoe Jul 20, 2014 14:55:13
A modification I have been wanting to do to the UNIMOG for some time: 4 wheel steering. I have been waiting for a steering servo for some time. Yesterday it finally arrived. The construction manual describes how to install the servo and change the steering of the rear wheels. Not much to it. See the pictures below.

Then there is how to control the rear wheels? I decided to use the rudder channel on my Spektrum DX6i transmitter. This means I am in control of the rear wheels. When I tried it at first it was a little difficult as there was an extra thing to control. After a little while it felt easier. Still some practise will be needed.

Another option I have been looking into is to do a mix so one stick would control both front and rear wheels. I already made the mix and I might try it if I get tired of manual control of the rear wheel steering.


A few other parts also arrived along with the servo: A new set of wheels and two sets of reinforced drive shafts. I'll get to those in future posts.


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