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UNIMOG reinforced drive shafts and diff lock

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOGPosted by xilsoe Aug 02, 2014 20:16:53
Another change I have been wanting to make ever since I put the UNIMOG together is to install the CR01 Reinforced Drive Shaft (Item #54108). The reason for wanting to do this is that some of the gears in the differentials bind when the differentials are locked. I had been waiting for these shafts to arrive since April and finally I got them and installed them.

There is not much to installing them. Just follow the instructions. A lot of screws will have to be unscrewed and screwed in again so it will take some time to make the installation. Due to the straight forward installation I didn't take any pictures as there is nothing special to it.

For now I am satisfied with the drive train and I don't have any plans to make other changes. Options for upgrading the drive train might be the pinion gear and the propeller shafts.

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