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UNIMOG headlights

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOGPosted by xilsoe Aug 07, 2014 20:40:03
Ever since I made the body of the UNIMOG I have wanted to do something about the headlights. Finally I have done so. The thing I have done is to buy the P sprue for a TAMIYA Bruiser and use the headlights in place of the headlights in the UNIMOG. I wasn't so happy about the stickers that was supplied with the UNIMOG. I couldn't make them sit right without folding.

The way I have done is to drill a small hole in the approximate centre of the original headlight. Then I used a reamer that would go from 0 to 18mm to extend the hole. As 18mm isn't enough, I used another reamer that goes from 10mm to 25mm to make the last extension.

The initial centre hole doesn't have to be perfectly centred. It is possible to push the reamer towards one of the sides to get the lens hole centred. When the hole is big enough I fitted in the lenses from the Bruiser after removing these small taps on the sides. After the lenses had been fitted I fixed them with silicone.

Some pictures:


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