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New UNIMOG motor

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOGPosted by xilsoe Sep 07, 2014 20:06:10
Today I found some time to put a new motor in my UNIMOG. I had bought an RC4WD 35T crawler motor. Some Robinson Racing pinions (Be sure to get the metric Modulo .6 pinions) and some 3.5mm bullet connectors that match the ESC.

The first thing I did was to try if the pinion gear would fit the motor. Perfect fit. I did however find that the included grub screw didn't fit my hex keys very well, so that was replaced with another better fitting grub screw. The pinion gear I have selected is a 18t. I also have the 16t and 20t pinion gears so I can make adjustments.

Then I replaced the connectors on the motor. Not much to that either. Just make sure to have a powerful soldering iron.

Then I took the UNIMOG apart. Also straight forward. Only one detail I would like to remark on: The RC4WD motor is different than the Mabuchi motor so the pinion gear has to be placed differently to match the spur gear.

Two pictures of the parts I purchased:
I only did a short run after the motor was replaced, so I believe it is too early to have an opinion on the motor so far.

This was the last upgrade I had in mind for the UNIMOG. So now I'll have to figure out what to do next. Perhaps I'll look into fixing some broken units before I look into a big project again smiley

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