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PT-15 RC installation updated

Tamiya PT-15 Japan MTBPosted by xilsoe Oct 26, 2014 20:05:34
After getting my new transmitter I have updated the RC installation in the PT-15. Because of the programming options available in the transmitter I can program that and get rid of the Arduino in the boat. Though it was fun programming the Arduino, I believe I am better of without it in the boat. That is because without the Arduino I have less electronics in the boat to generate interference and I have less weight in the boat. Further I have eliminated the risk of having a software error in the Arduino.

I chose to use R7008SB receiver in the boat instead of using an R7003SB because I need 3 channels to control the boat. Using the external voltage telemetry in an R7003SB will take one of the channels.

To reduce weight I also chose to replace the main power cable that connects to the battery. I went from AWG 16 to AWG 18. I don't think I'll be using a lot of Ampere so that shouldn't be an issue.

When testing the RC installation some seals I had glued on top of the shaft housings came off. Instead of gluing them back in place, I decided to get some M2 grub screws to seal the holes. This means that it will be easier to lubricate the shafts if I will need to do that. These small screws can be seen in the pictures below.

Before fixing the deck in place, I intend to do some testing of the boat so I know it works. If there is a problem it will be much easier to fix before the deck comes on.

Here are some pictures of it all. (Antennas not fixed in place yet. I have not decided what to do about those yet.)


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