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Replacing the broken antenna

Tamiya PT-15 Japan MTBPosted by xilsoe Mar 29, 2015 20:19:45
In my previous post I mentioned that one of the antennas on the sides of the super structure did break. I have tried to glue it together, but that didn't really work. Instead I ended up replacing it all with a Ø1mm round carbon fibre rod.
To do that I completely removed the broken antenna and drilled a little hole in the base for the new antenna. Then I cut a piece of carbon fibre rod and pointed the lower end a little bit so it would fit into the hole I drilled. When I as satisfied I glued the rod in place with CA. Now it just needs a little paint as does a few other parts on this boat smiley

Then I have taken some pictures of this part from the stern that I previously lost. At least I now have some pictures if I loose it again. The squares on the mat is 10x10mm so the pictures should be usable as reference.

Here are some pictures:
As one can see this boat is almost done now. I really believe I'll be able to launch it this summer smiley

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