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UNIMOG winch

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOGPosted by xilsoe Jun 10, 2015 20:37:10
When ordering some parts for my TAMIYA Bruiser I also ordered a winch for my UNIMOG. When I selected the 3-Racing CR-01 winch I thought it would go right on. Especially after I ordered the CR-01 mounting plate.


To mount the winch I bought an extra CR-01 bumper and cut it so I had somewhere to mount the winch. Then I cut a piece of aluminium, drilled some holes for mounting the winch and the cut bumper arms. To have the holes placed precisely I used my PROXXON coordinate table with my drill stand.

When I was done with drilling, I used my metal sheet bender to bend the ends of the aluminium piece so it could be mounted on the cut bumper arms. Then finally after this I replaced the winch hook with a RC4WD King Kong hook as the 3-Racing one looked awful.

Some pictures:
Now I am ready to rescue some Land Rovers smiley

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