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Interior for the HiLux

Tamiya BruiserPosted by xilsoe May 17, 2016 14:40:35
I have decided to take a break from doing body work on the HiLux and do the interior instead.I have bought some cabin upgrades such as a detailed dashboard and doors. These are far better than the original parts. To install the upgrades I have cut the original one piece interior apart so I am using the seat and part of the floor. If getting the dashboard I will definitely recommend also getting the doors.

For colours I have decided to use Humbrol 156 (satin gray) for the main surfaces. For the floor and some other parts I have used Humbrol 33 (Flat black) Other places I have used Humbrol 85 (satin black) where a flat look isn't desirable. Examples being the steering wheel and the radio. Then I have used Humbrol 191 where a silver look is needed. Finally I used Humbrol 186 (a flat brown) for the wooden panels on the dashboard.

Then I added some details I thought were missing. I have added glass over the gauges, added some vent holes on top of the dashboard, made a better handle for the glove compartment and added levers for the viper control and the climate control.

Here are some pictures of the completed interior:

I also have a driver figure. I just haven't decided on how he should be painted yet and I think it will be some time before I make the driver figure. Next will be some more body work and chassis modifications to make the body fit.

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