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HiLux - more body work

Tamiya BruiserPosted by xilsoe May 19, 2016 20:53:52
After completing the bed I thought the bodywork was done. Then I started looking into how the rear window should be mounted. I realized that the rear window needs to be glued in. The instructions don't say anything about this because the Bruiser has a cabin behind the rear window. So the window isn't used when building the Bruiser following the instructions.

Gluing in the rear window off course means more filling, priming and sanding. Here are some pictures of the body as it looks by now after adding the rear window plus filling and sanding.

Then there are the screw holes in front of the front fenders as can be seen in the pictures above. I had really decided to leave those. But then I changed my mind as I know I it will bother me if I don't fill those holes. So now I have started filling those holes as well.

Filling those holes is the next project. While doing that I am also doing some modifications to the chassis to make room for the lowered bed.


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