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HiLux - modification to the electronics

Tamiya BruiserPosted by xilsoe Jun 13, 2016 20:39:31
In order to allow the bed to be lowered, I have done some modifications to the electronics box. First of all I have cut the top off. That is absolutely necessary in order to make room for the lowered bed.

Then I needed to find some more room for electronics. I chose to replace the gear shift servo with a micro servo. There shouldn't be a lot of load on that servo so no problem in using a micro servo. As I am running the receiver on 2S LiPo I needed a high voltage servo. I ended up buying a HiTec HS-5070MH as that was what was available to me in Europe.

Due to the nature of changing gear I thought it was important to use a servo saver, I ordered a few, but found that the Team Associated part no. 21049 will go on this servo. The arm was too short and the ball link ball wouldn't fit onto the arm, so I made an extension out of a small piece of aluminium I had lying around. See the pictures below.

To get the servo mounted I made a mount out of aluminium that goes in place of the original servo support beams and to get the servo height right, I used some M2 spacers to lift the servo from the mount. (I bought a package of M2 spacers in various lengths from ebay)

After re-adjusting the gear shift as the manual describes, I installed the ESC and the receiver, so now I have the Bruiser is running again. I do however still need to complete the body and get the body mounts completed.

Here are some pictures of the updated RC installation:

So I'll have to do something about the antennas. Otherwise the electronics is done for now (That is until I start adding lights and sounds)

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