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Bruiser body mount

Tamiya BruiserPosted by xilsoe Jul 18, 2016 21:03:16
In order to keep the body mount hidden, I have made some modifications to the way the body mount was designed. As I believe I have mentioned before, I intend on using Velcro to mount the body. I haven't put the Velcro on as the body hasn't been painted yet, but I have made the mount points where the Velcro is going.

To have some area to mount the Velcro on, I bent some pieces of aluminium and used M3 spacers to lift them from the chassis. This way of mounting the body also means that I can adjust the body height if I decide to lift or lower the body. Right now the body height is about the same as it originally was. It may be more relevant if I decide to put some different wheels on the HiLux.

In order to make it easy to mount the body correctly with Velcro, I have put some guides below the body so it will only go on in the correct place. These guides can be seen in the pictures below.

Here are some pictures of the body mounts:

Thanks for looking. I hope it was useful smiley

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