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Bruiser body almost finished

Tamiya BruiserPosted by xilsoe Nov 22, 2016 20:52:03
After the bruiser body came back from my brother, who has painted it (Thanks!), I have been adding body parts and painting the small details on the body. Now it is almost done. I still need to paint it on the inside and to mark up the recessed lines around the doors and similar.

I had some special red lettering made for the tailgate as red is what works best on a white body. This was done by ebay seller adrianfirst. Thanks smiley

I didn't put on any lines or stripes as it will always be possible to do that with a white body. By the way, the body isn't completely white. It is a little off. The exact colour is Tamiya TS-7.

I also bought some 1/12 scale music instruments to have something to put in the bed.

At some point I would like to add light to this truck, and perhaps I will put lights in the cabin to light up the details in there. I already have some LEDs for adding lights. If I was to re-do the interior, I would pick a lighter colour to make the interior more visible from the outside.

Pictures are the best description of what I have done. Have a look:
I think the next thing will be to make a hex conversion so I can select the wheels I prefer. I had a look at the RC4WD Yota axles, but they seem to have locked differentials which I am trying to avoid. So I'll have to find another solution if I am to do something about the different width of the axles.

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