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Multi function module installed

Tamiya BruiserPosted by xilsoe Jan 16, 2017 20:28:08
Last week I found some time to install a multi function module in my HiLux. Once again I have chosen the Beier-electronic USM-RC2 as I have also used in my UNIMOG. This module has so many options that I haven't used in the UNIMOG. As the HiLux has so many lights, it is obvious to use this module as it will give me lots of control.

The USM-RC2 takes 4 input channels. To make the wiring simpler I bought an S-BUS decoder. This means that I only need a cable with 3 connectors going from the chassis to the body. Two wires for power and one for signal. Now I just wish that the USM-RC2 would accept an S-BUS signal so I could eliminate the S-BUS decoder. That would make the wiring even simpler and could give more options in the USM-RC2.

I didn't install lights yet, though I have the LEDs I need. I bought a set of diffused 3mm LEDs in different colours as I hope these will look better than the clear LEDs.

The sound module doesn't come with HiLux sounds. Instead I have used sounds from a Ford F350. Somebody probably put a Ford V8 in a HiLux. The transmitter needed some set-up to make it work right with with the USM-RC2. Now I have the idea of using the dual rate to allow me to control even more functions.

I also put some Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color on. I think it helps define the body parts and the hinges and latches on the tail gate. Especially it looks well at a distance. It was quite easy to use,

Here are some pictures of it all:

I think the next thing will be to make the lights. Otherwise I also have to make a set of license plates.

Thanks for looking smiley

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