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Bruiser license plates

Tamiya BruiserPosted by xilsoe Jan 27, 2017 20:32:40
As I was waiting for some cables to put lights in the Bruiser, I decided to make a set of license places. I have modelled them over the way truck license plates looked in the 80's in Denmark. The registration number is fictional. I bought the license plate reflective stickers off ebay and made the frames myself. Then I found some 2mm vinyl letters on ebay as well.

The frames are made of two layers of polystyrene sheet. I cut a hole in the top one to fit the license plate in and glued it on the bottom one. Then the frame was painted and the license plate stickers were fitted. After that I used the 2mm vinyl letters on the frame. Finally the license plates were fitted to the body using double sided tape.

Here are some pictures:

I have also learnt that I can use the dual rate on the transmitter to control more functions in the multi function module. Dual rate is however only available on channel 1 to 4 on my transmitter so I had to re-arrange some wires in the car to free up these channels.

Unless I can invent something more to do to this car the lights will be the next thing to do. I have bought a UTP network cable and a USB cable that I'll cut up and use for the wiring.

Thanks for looking smiley

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