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PCB for the lights

Tamiya BruiserPosted by xilsoe Apr 02, 2017 21:00:45
As I stated earlier, I wasn't very happy with the lights installation I had done, so now I have made a PCB for doing power distribution. Basically it is a lot of connectors and resistors and a fuse. I have all the components for the board, but I am still missing some parts for the connectors so I haven't installed it in the Bruiser yet. I did however put components on one of the boards. The price for one board was the same as for 10 boards, so now I have 9 boards I don't use.

If anyone reading this is interested in one of the boards, please write a comment to this post stating so. Otherwise they might come in handy to me for other projects.


I know this is a simple board, but I am mighty proud of it anyway :)
Now I am looking forward to having it installed in the Bruiser.

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