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UNIMOG door handles

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOGPosted by xilsoe Jan 09, 2018 21:10:03
Some time ago I did some 3D modeling in order to make some door handles for my UNIMOG as I think this is one of the shortcomings of this body.
I don't have the skill to make the perfect 3D model so some post 3D printing work was needed on the handles themselves as have made them rectangular and they should be triangular. Search the net for pictures of UNIMOG door handles for reference. I can't put them here because of copy rights.

After receiving the 3D print I first had to cut the two handles apart so I could work with them separately. Then I used a needle file to shape the handles triangular instead of rectangular and to remove the remains of the connecting block.

Then I painted the handles black using Humbrol 33. When the black paint had set, I decided to test mount the handles on my UNIMOG body. To do that I used a small (0,6mm) drill and a pointed reamer. I started out drilling the rear hole. The handles are marked on the UNIMOG body so positioning is quite easy. Then I used the reamer to carefully expand the hole until the rear mounting pin would go in. With the rear pin going into the mounting hole, I could pin point the location of the front hole and repeated the process from the real mounting hole.

With the handles test mounted I could see how much of the handles should be green to match the body, so I used a small brush to paint the green part of the handles. Later I removed the handles and put on a second green coating (Humbrol 117).

Finally I put the handle back in place and secured them using Silicone.


Unfortunately I had mounted some wires for the lights exactly inside one of the door handle locations, so I had to cut the wires loose and now I have to repair the wires so I don't get a short circut.
The 3D print I created can be bought from here: https://i.materialise.com/shop/item/unimog-door-handle-for-scale-1-10

Thanks for looking smiley

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