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New servos installed

E-sky Lama V3Posted by xilsoe Jan 12, 2008 16:32:24
Today I received some spare parts for my walkera 4#3 so hopefully this bird will soon be flying again, but not yet as I haven't repaired it yet smiley
Along with the spare parts I had also ordered a set of new servos for my Lama. This was mainly to save some weight as all this bling I have fitted has made it heavier. The servos are the Tower Pro SG50 and they fit almost perfect in the frame. I had to remove the mounting pads from the servos as these didn't fit into the Lama frame. Otherwise it was a perfect fit smiley
I had expected the servos to be about 5 grams but they seemed heavier so I decided to shorten the wires to make them lighter. The most easy way I found was to remove the buttom cover from the servo and unsolder the wires. Then I shortened the wire, re-soldered the shortened wire and put the buttom cover back on. This reduced the weight to about 5g each smiley
The plugs didn't have to be changed at all. The servos plugged right into the 4in1 and worked perfect.
I had to trim the Lama a little bit as I had changed the servos. After quick trim the Lama flew perfect again.
When I flew the Lama I had a feeling it had become more agile. Perhaps this is the combined effect of better servos and a lighter Lama. It also seemed to me that the motors were doing less RPM and I had more flight time smiley

I am very happy with this upgrade smiley

When (if) I upgrade the Lama with brushless motors I should be approaching the ultimate Lama.

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