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Walkera 4#3 repaired - batteries exploded!

walkera 4#3Posted by xilsoe Jan 13, 2008 11:44:41
Last night I repaired my walkera 4#3. This time I didn't destroy any parts good in the process smiley It looks fine and seems to be working. The transmitter was low on battery so I didn't get to fly smiley
Today I found out that the E-sky charger power supply fits right into the walkera charging jack and almost all seemed right. So I plugged it in and started charging. Some time later I heard a bang and I saw smoke from the transmitter. I quickly disconnected the power supply and opened the Tx. Here I saw meting plastic and batteries not looking good smiley
The batteries were placed in my kitchen sink as they were very warm and now I am looking for new batteries and a new battery holder. It seems that the Tx is still working.

To sum up: Do NOT charge your Walkera TX with your E-sky charger power supply!

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