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New charger - weight reduction ideas

E-sky Lama V3Posted by xilsoe Jan 19, 2008 14:03:32
Today I received my new charger. It is a Bantam E-station BC6. I picked this because of the integrated power supply and because it will take 6LiPo cells also I didn't find any bad reviews on the net. I believe I might want to charge 6 cell packs at some time if I get a big T-Rex. Anyway I like it a lot smiley

I decided I needed a new charger when I measured one of my batteries and found the voltage of one of the cells to be 4.21v. After that I didn't trust the E-sky charger.

Regarding weight reduction I got the idea that the main inner steel shaft could quite easily be replaced by a carbon fiber shaft. The same actually goes for the flybar, so I started a thread on RCGroups asking about this: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=803991 nobody has responded yet. I am a bit concerned if the carbon will endure the torsion and how the screws in the gear and the rotor head will affect the carbon.
If nobody responds I will just have to go ahead and try smiley
The main shaft is 2mm and the flybar is 1,5mm.
The weight of the stock main shaft is 4g. I believe I could save 2-3g by replacing this.

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