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Carbon shaft continued

E-sky Lama V3Posted by xilsoe Jan 30, 2008 20:33:26
Today I received the carbon fiber pipe I am going to try for main shaft. The outer diameter is 3mm and inner diameter is 2mm. This will go inside the outer shaft. I also cut up an old inner shaft to make the shaft ends and tried how they would fit insde the carbon pipe. The fit is perfect smiley
The perfect fit hopefully means I will be able to make a good inner shaft.

In the mean time I am considering getting my old Tamiya Vanquish running. I have decided I want to add a new speed controller. I would like to get an ESC that will allow me to use a LiPo. The motor in the Vanquish is similar to a Tamiya Techni Gold and I have found out I will need an ESC that can handle a 17T motor.

Hopefully the new ESC will also permit me to get rid of the receiver battery pack. There never was room for that in the car anyway.

At the same time I would like to complete painting the body. I couldn't get the aluminum color when I build and painted the car back in 1988 or whenever I got the car.
I think I may need to do something to get the Transmitter working again as the battery holder is probably broken.

It seems that these old Tamiya cars are becomming collecters items I just saw a Vanquish had a bid on about 60$ and I have heard up to 300$. I am going to keep mine though for now though.

It will be interesting to get that old car running once again smiley

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