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Completed the carbon fiber shaft

E-sky Lama V3Posted by xilsoe Feb 02, 2008 15:42:36
Today I completed the carbon fiber inner shaft for my Esky Lama V3. I cut the carbon pipe and glued the steel shaft ends into the carbon pipe using 15 minutes epoxy. I have left the glued shaft to dry for 24 hours as this is how long the epoxy needs for full strength. So maybe tomorrow I can try if a carbon fiber inner shaft can be used smiley

I have also found out that I will have to shorten the screws that holds the lower rotor hup in place. Otherwise they will go into the carbon and stop the upper rotor from rotating. I'll have to do that when I mount the shaft. Right now I am feeling confident this can work but it won't be proven before I try.
I have also put both shafts on my scale. The steel shaft is about 3g and my homemade carbon shaft was 0g smiley

I have aquired an ESC and some silver paint for my old Tamiya Vanquish. I decided to go with a 12T ESC. It will be interesting to get this old car painted and running again smiley

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