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Installed Carbon Fiber blades

E-sky Lama V3Posted by xilsoe Mar 11, 2008 20:01:57
Today I finally manager to get a perfect set of carbon fiber rotor blades for the Lama smiley First I got four A blades. Then I got two A and two B blades but one of the B blades was twisted so that had to be replaced. This happened today smiley So I have a perfect set of blades now. I just installed them but I havn't flown with them yet as the Tx is low on power.
They are a bit heavy. The weight was increased by 6g. The weight is about the same as a set of Xtreme blades.
Here is a link to where I bought them: http://hobbyfly.com/en/helicopters-48/helicopters-rtf-4ch-183/-2170.html?language=en
I'll write when I have tried flying with these blades.

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